The most whales we have had Mug our boat!

4 months ago

whale watch 20.8.21

Today’s  Whale Watching trip has gone down as the most whales we have seen up close to our boat. To the delight of our lucky customers, we had a quick trip out off the harbour to some whales breaching and pectoral slapping.

No sooner than we arrived near them, they moved towards the boat and surrounded it. We had 4 Humpbacks around the front of the boat, we had another 4 huge males almost touching the back! To top that off, another 3 or 4 were sitting a short distance away watching us. This continued for the whole trip until some drifted away from us while a couple wanted to follow us home.

This time of year we conduct Whale Swim Trips (1/2 Day) as well as Whale Watch trips with great close encounters on most trips.