Take a look at our whale swimming reports from 2017! We’ve detailed our encounters in the Solitary Islands Marine Park in Coffs Harbour in 2017.

Whale Swimming Report 2017 – Table of Contents:

Whale Swim August 2017
Whale Swim August 2017

15th August 2017 – Sneak Preview of What’s To Come!

It was an unbelievable experience for some lucky swimmers today. Stay tuned for more information.

Whale Swimming Report by Andy


We had some super excited customers on board our boat “2 Wild” today who were keen to go and swim with the Humpback Whales.
The first whales we encountered were a good 200-300m away, so we decided to slip in the water and wait for them to come over to us, we waited for about 5mins, then about 50m away from us, the Humpback Whale put its tail up in the air and looked like it was saying “Hello i’m over here”. There were actually two whales, which then dived down and swam directly under all the snorkelers and then rose up next to them!! Everyone could not believe what they had seen, and the excitement was at an all time high.
We have had underwater sightings on all our trips so far but we still can not guarantee you will see them.
Amazing experience
Photo taken today by Kate

Whale Swimming Report by Lindsay

Humpback Whale tail with snorkellers
Humpback Whale tail with snorkellers

Two Humpback Whale swimming in dark blue water, one upside down
Humpback Whale swimming

12th September 2017 – Humpback Whales Swim underneath Snorkelers!

It was another successful whale swim this morning, upon leaving the harbour, we were lucky enough to come across a pod of 5 playful whales. Straightaway the whales directed themselves towards and came within 100 meters from the boat so we were unable to jump in the water due to strict guidelines, so we backed off and let the whales move away from us. To our surprise, the whales moved just beyond 100 meters from the boat, so we slipped in the water and hoped they would come back and check us out, AND THEY DID! We had two whales come up from the deep and just cruise on by all of our happy customers. We could also tell we had more whales just sitting beyond our sight below us because we could see all their bubbles coming up underneath us. At the end, the whales gave us a goodbye wave and carried on swimming south.

Whale Swimming Report by Lindsay

29th September 2017 – Humpback Whales swim with Snorkelers!

Despite only having 10 meters of visibility, the whales in which we encountered were more than happy to put on a show for us underwater. Snorkelers encountered three whales underwater while swimming and many others on the surface.
Photo captured today by Stuart.

Whale Swimming Report by Andy

Humpback whale underwater by stuart
Humpback whale underwater by stuart

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