Take a look at our whale watching reports from 2018! We’ve detailed our encounters in the Solitary Islands Marine Park in Coffs Harbour in 2018.

Whale Watching Reports 2018 – Table of Contents:

humpback whale breaching out of blue water
Humpback Whale Breach (Michelle King 2018)


We had the crew from The Sydney Weekender on board today just to see how good our Coffs Coast is and they were not disappointed with plenty of huge breaches and tail rolls!!!
It was a magic day on the water and the Humpback Whales put on a great show.
Keep an eye out for the episode of this amazing Whale Watch on the Coffs Harbour Coast.
Photo taken by Michelle King

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

8th July 2018 – Show us Your Tail Whale

With the ocean being a lot calmer than expected we ventured off the Coffs Coast in search of Migrating Humpback Whales!!
Once out of the Harbour we found some straight away that were steaming north.
Throughout the day we had saw roughly 30-40 different whales!! We had no Breaches but plenty of the Humpbacks showing off their beautiful tails.
Photo taken today by Andrew Lucas who was doing some research for Humpbacks and High Rises

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

Humpback Whale Tail sticking out of water
Humpback Whale Tail (Andrew Lucas 2018)

humpback whale tail slapping out of blue water with boat in background in front of coffs harbour coast line
Humpback Whale Tail and 2wild (Andrew Lucas 2018)

13th July 2018 – Six Whale Watching Trips to start the Weekend

With the combination of the Humpback Whales annual migration north to warmer waters and the NSW school holidays we were super busy today with both our boats Wildfin and 2Wild running a total of six trips!!
Every trip had its special highlights including the Humpbacks swimming under the boat, Breaching, Tail and Pectoral Slapping, Spy Hopping and the 2pm customers were very lucky to witness a Double Breach right at the end before coming home!!
Throughout the whole day we roughly counted about 38 different whales and two even two calfs that we spent time watching!!
Photo taken today by Andrew Lucas of two very playful Whales with our other boat 2Wild in the background

Whale Watching Report by Linsday

18th July 2018 – Happy Humpbacks in the Winter Sun

We had a magic day today with amazing surface conditions and Humpback Whales everywhere.
Wildfin and 2Wild both ran three trips today and we spotted at least 8 Whales on each trip. We had lots of tail slaps, Pectoral Slaps and some breaches on the 2pm trip.
Photo taken today by Raquel with Wildfin in the background.

Whale Watching Report by Deb

Humpback Whale Tail slapping with boat in background
Humpback Whale Tail slapping and Wild Fin (Raquel 2018)

Big Humpback Whale Breaching
Big Humpback Whale Breaching

22nd July 2018 – Breaching Whales for both Wildfin and 2Wild

We had a brilliant day today Whale Watching on the Coffs Coast!! over the day we saw a number of different Humpback Whales migrating north and even the odd one heading south already.
All three trips today had plenty of action with Tail Slaps, Pectoral Slaps, Spy hopping and some huge full body breaches!!

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

25th July 2018 – Amazing Breach Captured From Main Land

We had amazing surfaced conditions all morning and the Humpback Whales were loving every minute!!! With tail slaps, pectoral slaps and a number of continuous breaches our passengers aboard Wildfin were treated to this super close breach just off Gallows Headland.
We would like to thank Professional Photographer Jessica Royal who timed this photo perfectly!!

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

Humpback whale breaching in front of boat
Humpback Whale Breach with Wildfin (Jessica Royal 2018)

Whale Watch Coffs Harbour breaching whale
Whale Watch Coffs Harbour breaching whale (Michelle Jeffery 2015)

18th September 2018 – Juvenile Whale Jumps for Joy

We had some rather windy conditions today but that did not bother the migrating Humpback Whales at all!!
While 2Wild was out doing Whale Swim, Wildfin was getting mugged by some very curious Whales! We had six Whales come super close to the boat and check us out for about 20 mins.
The 11 am trip was awesome as we had a Juvenile Humpback Whale that was made for showing off as he breached and tail slapped for most of the trip and super close to the mainland.
2 Wild had some Whales come to within 30 metres from our snorkelers and this was very exciting to be in the presence of these majestic mammals!!
Only a couple months left for our season so do not miss the opportunity to see the Migrating 2018 Humpback Whales.

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

6th October 2018 – Breaching Humpback Calf off the Coffs Coast

We had a very happy Humpback calf today who would not stop jumping for joy.
During the whole trip we spotted Nine different calfs which is awesome to see the numbers climbing so fast.
We also had plenty of pectoral slaps, tail slaps.
Only 3-4 weeks left of our Whale Watching season so book on before then!!!
Huge Thank you to Raquel for these great photos!!!

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

Raquel Humpback Whale Calf Full Breach (Raquel 2018)
Raquel Humpback Whale Calf Full Breach (Raquel 2018)

Humpback Whale and calf Tail Slapping
Humpback Whale and calf Tail Slap (Raquel 2018)

29th Oct 2018 – Whale Watching Finished for the Year

After hundreds of trips out off the Coffs Coast and thousands of whale sightings, our Whale Watching trips have come to an end!!
We had an amazing year with some extraordinary encounters and along with the Whale Watching we had our Swim with the Whales which was again out of this world!!!
We would like to thank all the staff who have helped Jetty Dive throughout the year with the Whale Watching and Swim with Whales, all of this would not of happened without you!
There will still be the odd Humpback whale going past for another few weeks so keep an eye out. We will start back up for the 2019 season around May/June for Whale Watching and August/September for our Swim With Whales.
Thanks again
Jetty Dive Team

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

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