Take a look at our Whale watching reports from 2021! We’ve detailed our encounters in the Solitary Islands Marine Park in Coffs Harbour in 2021.

Whale Watching Reports 2021 – Table of Contents:

Humpback whale underwater by stuart
Humpback whale underwater by stuart


We had beautiful conditions today for a 11 am Whale Watch and our first Whale Swim of the 2021 season!!
Mega Wild had a slow pod heading south and come up nice an close on a number of ocasions. 2Wild searched the coast for some Humpack Whales that wanted to play, the fisrt whales we got to were breaching so no getting in but they put on a spectacular show.
We were 4 hours into the trip and the snorkellers got a very brief sighting underwater of 3 whales, they done what we call a fly by and carried on south back to Antarctica.
Visibility 12-15m
temp 19C

Whale Swimming Report by Lindsay


Today was the day to be out Whale Watching for sure!!!
We had our 9am, 11am and 2pm full as to what Covid restrictions would allow. All trips had some amazing encounters but the breaching on the 9am was amazing and the mugging on the 2pm was something people won’t forget!!
Adrenaline donuts from Mega Wild in the harbour was the perfect finishing move!!!
Photos taken today by Lindsay
Estimated whale count today – 17-20

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

humpback whale breach
humpback whale breach

humpback Whale tail Close to Mega wild
humpback Whale tail Close to Mega wild

14th August 2021 – The most whales we have had Mug our boat!

Today’s  Whale Watching trip has gone down as the most whales we have seen up close to our boat. To the delight of our lucky customers, we had a quick trip out off the harbour to some whales breaching and pectoral slapping.
No sooner than we arrived near them, they moved towards the boat and surrounded it. We had 4 Humpbacks around the front of the boat, we had another 4 huge males almost touching the back! To top that off, another 3 or 4 were sitting a short distance away watching us. This continued for the whole trip until some drifted away from us while a couple wanted to follow us home.
This time of year we conduct Whale Swim Trips (1/2 Day) as well as Whale Watch trips with great close encounters on most trips.

Whale Watching Report by Mike

17th September 2021 – Post Lockdown Whales

We had our first trip out Whale Watching today since coming out of lockdown and we are pretty sure the whales missed us!!
There was a few different pods today and a couple having some little babys too. We will be running whale watching until the end of October and Whale swims unfortunatley will finish the end of September.
Photo today was taken just out from the harbour and this solo Humpack sjowing off its beautiful tail.

Whale Watching Report by Lindsay

Whale Tail off Coffs Harbour Coast
Whale Tail off Coffs Harbour Coast (L Devery September 2021)

Whale Watching collage (October 2021)
Whale Watching collage (October 2021)

4th October 2021

Today we took Mega Wild out for two whale watching trips, both at 9am and 11am.
The whales put on a lovely show, with a Mother and Calf which come through more this time of year, and lots of breaches from two playful adults on the second trip!
We had some dolphins swim with the boat on our second trip too!
Check out our instagram and facebook for a little video of our trips.

Whale Watching Report by Tara

Whale Watching Report by

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