Apeks XL4+ Regulator


The Apeks XL4+ Regulator is a high-performance regulator for the technical exploration diver with a large amount of equipment.


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LastApeks XL4+ Regulator

The Apeks XL4+ Regulator is a lightweight and compact regulator suitable for many different diving environments, including cold weather locations. It’s low weight makes it perfect for long dives, reducing jaw fatigue. It is the perfect high-performance option for a technical diver who is concerned about weight savings. Additionally, this regulator is replacing the well know Flight regulator from Apeks.


Apeks XL4+ Regulator 1st Stage

The compact machined first stage is based on the Apeks DS4 platform. It features over-moulded first-stage endcap, and the environmental diaphragm helps prevent ice build-up that can cause free flow in extreme circumstances, whilst also protecting the first stage from impact damage. With its large heat exchanger diaphragm clamp, the gas temperature can increase inside the first stage, resulting in improved performance in cold water. As a result, it is great for colder climates. It features a unique over-balanced diaphragm design. As as result,the over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure gas in the hose to increase at a faster rate during decent than it does ambient. This results in superior performance at depth. The 1st stage also features 2 HP ports and 4MP ports. This is the main difference between the XL4 (Coloured black) as it does not feature 2 High Pressure ports – and is also not sold in Australia.

Apeks XL4+ Regulator 2nd Stage

The second stage has a pneumatically balanced lever operated poppet valve. The purge button the second stage is large and over moulded, self-flushing and controllable. This paired with the ergonomic Venturi lever creates an easy to use regulator. It boasts a flexible nylon braided hose, which is better in cold water than the traditional rubber hose. Additionally it has a standard metallic connection for interchangeability. The mouthpiece features “Comfo-bite”, with a unique bridge that fits in the upper mouth. Therefore, it does not require bite pressure to stay in place and comes with a re-useable mouthpiece clip to make changing mouthpieces easy. It has a durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee, providing excellent bubble diversion. Lastly, the regulator features UV inhibitors – to help avoid discoloration of the white on the 2nd stage.

Apeks XL4+ Regulator 2nd Stage Octopus

This octopus is modeled on the XL4 second stage.  This regulator is designed for colder water with the performance you expect from an Apeks pneumatically balanced valve. It has diver adjustable venturi control, and a durable and flexible rubber exhaust tee. Additionally, the unit has a high visibility yellow accent pieces and a 36” braided yellow hose, keeping your octopus easily identifiable.

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