Apeks XTX50 Oxygen Regulator

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The Apeks XTX50 OXYGEN Regulator is for the discriminating diver who wants the benefits of a feature-rich regulator at a moderate price.



The Apeks XTX50 Oxygen Regulator is a nitrox compatible oxygen regulator.

This reg has been specially cleaned and assembled in Apeks purpose built class ‘J’ (10,000) Clean Room. Using oxygen safe components and lubricants, it is available in yoke (‘A’) clamp or DIN fitting.

The Apeks XTX50 Oxygen Regulator is for the discerning diver who wants the benefits of a feature-rich regulator at a moderate price. This popular regulator has four medium-pressure ports all mounted on a rotating turret. This results in optimal hose routing while eliminating sharp bends in the hose. Also available is an optional 5th port is available for sidemount or twin cylinder set ups. This is ideal to configure for use as stage bottles and pony bottles using high Oxygen content gases.

Compatible to Oxygen to 100% right out of the box.  The over-balancing feature of the Apeks XTX50 First stage allows the medium pressure air in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient pressure resulting in superior performance.

The Apeks XTX50 OXYGEN regulator’s pneumatically balanced second stage has left/right reversibility and a Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) system. This system gives the diver the ability to change from a large exhaust tee to a smaller exhaust tee. The large tee provides the best exhaust bubble dispersion; the smaller tee is lighter weight and compact. Both the Apeks XTX50 exhaust tees are included with the regulator.

The Apeks XTX50 Regulator is suitable for cold-water use, with environmentally sealed First Stage and Heat-sinked Second Stage. Suitable for coldwater use (below 10 C / 50 F).


  • Connections: Yoke and DIN available
  • Type of first stage: Over-balanced diaphragm design, environmentally sealed
  • Body Type: MP ports mounted on swivel turret
  • Number of HP ports: 2 (7/16″ UNF)
  • Number of MP ports 4 with 5th port option (3/8″ UNF)
  • Environmental Dry Kit Standard
  • First stage exterior: Chrome over marine brass
  • Orientation Convertible LH or RH
  • Coldwater Use Yes
  • Type of second stage: Pneumatically balanced
  • Opening Effort Control Knob: Yes
  • Integrated Venturi Lever: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Comfo-bite™
  • Exhaust tee: Diver Changeable – comes with 2 sets
  • Heat Exchanger for freezing resistance: Yes
  • Hose type Braided Flexi-hose
  • Overall work of breathing (WOB): scores Avg. 0.70 joules/liter

For details on Standard Nitrox to 50% Regulators Check out the Apeks XTX50 Regulator or a great priced set including the Octopus here

This regulator is an excellent option as the Hollis 150LX regulator is no longer available.

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