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Aqualung Aquaflex 5mm Wetsuit is a comfortable and warm 5mm wetsuit.

The Aquaflex is made from super-stretch neoprene, with liquid sealed seams. Aqualung’s Aquaflex neoprene has three times the stretch of standard neoprene. Not only does this stretchy neoprene make the suit easier to get into, but it allows for a better fit for more people – and it’s easier to buy online! Sealed with liquid rubber, the seams helps prevent the entry of water in to the suit, keeping you warmer for longer. This also adds to the strength of the suit, as it minimizes fraying and splitting of seams.

The cuff on the Aquaflex suits sleeve is fused with X-Tend technology. This technology helps minimize fraying and maximize stretch. The left wrist has a silicone traction pad built into the sleeve. This is to prevent dive computers from moving or shifting when your neoprene compresses as you descend.

The Aqualung Aquaflex 5mm Wetsuit also features internal “thermal loop laminate” on the chest and back panels to help keep warmth at the body’s core.


  • Base thickness of 5mm is prior to the addition of nylon outer and inner layers.
  • Outer nylon material is constructed with a tighter weave, making it abrasion resistant, and resistant to hook-and-loop (velcro) materials. This keeps the suit looking good and functioning well
  • The inner material is ultra-soft, making these suits easy to don and doff
  • Neoprene is an environmentally non-petroleum based material
  • Skin-in-neck seal provides for a comfortable stretch and seals out water
  • Internal thermal chest and back material keep warmth at the body’s core
  • Liquid rubber seams prevent water transfer and unraveling
  • Silicone print wrist computer traction pad
  • Three-way zipper seal minimizes water entry to maintain warmth
  • Kidney pad for additional insulation in this high heat loss area
  • Pre-bent anatomic legs and arms for comfort
  • Ultra stretchy knee pads, wrist and ankles.

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