Aqualung Helix Regulator Set

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The Aqualung Helix Regulator Set is an excellent value regulator set. The helix is the newest version of the classic Aqualung Core regulator. With a balanced first and second stage, it is an excellent combination of price and features. This set comes with the Helix Regulator First Stage, Second Stage, and Octopus.

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The Helix is a part of Aqualung’s core range, representing the DNA of Aquaung regulators. The Helix is to be serviced every two years.

The first stage is feature rich regulator. It features Aqualung’s patented auto-closure device (ACD) which seals water out. This prevents water from entering the first stage by automatically closing as the core is removed from the cylinder valve. This also prevents internal lubrication from washing away, and is safer for high proportions of oxygen. Therefore, the Helix is a great option for diving nitrox (Enriched Air). This regulator features a balanced diaphragm, which provides consistent breathing performance.  It has 2 high pressure points and 4 medium pressure ports in a “T” shape. This allows for streamlined hose positioning.

The second stage features the comfo-bite mouthpiece. This soft and sturdy moutpiece reduces jaw fatigue with a palate bridge to hold the reg in place. The Helix second stage is pneumatically balanced. This means it provides smooth, easy breathing consistently while diving. It also features a venturi knob, which allows the diver to adjust the inhalation effort throughout the dive. With an ergonomically designed venturi knob it is easy to adjust even while wearing gloves.

The Helix Octopus provides the performance of the Helix Pro primary second stage. This is due to its highly efficient heat exchanger, which enusres this regulator is a cold-water performer. The heat exchanger surrounds the valve mechanism, dissapating cold caused by gas expansion. It does this while also drawing in warmth from ambient water. It also has a 39″ high visibility yellow hose and front cover.

Aqualung Helix Regulator Set Features

First Stage:
  • Auto-Closure Device
  • Balanced Diaphragm
  • Din or Yoke
  • 2 HP Ports & 4 MP Ports in “T” shape.
  • Nitrox Compatible up to 40% out of the box.
Second Stage:
  • Comfo-bite mouthpiece
  • “T” shaped body
  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Venturi Knob
Helix Pro Octopus:
  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Heat exchanger
  • Venturi Knob
  • Yellow purge cover
  • Yellow Octopus Hose

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