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The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch is the latest and greatest dive computer. The Ocean is also a a Multi Sport, top of the range sports watch! Packed with all the features of a Suunto’ s best sport and adventure watches.

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The Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch is the latest and greatest dive computer from Suunto. The Ocean is also a top of the range Sport Watch packed with all the features of a Suunto’s best Sport and Adventure Watches.

Battery life is amazing with up to 60 hours or 25 dives on a single charge, as well as run up to 26 days on daily usage like Heart Rate and activity tracking. It can run 50 hours on Outdoor use with GNSS tracking, too. Very impressive!

The diving side of the Suunto Ocean has loads of features including “Single Gas Mode”, “Multi Gas Mode”, Air integration with the Suunto Tank Pod, Free-dive Mode and even Mermaid Mode!. It has GPS and Dive Route tracking too, which are astounding features for such a small profile computer. All of this data is logged via Bluetooth to the Suunto App.


  • Brightest screen on a wrist computer –  The new style AMOLED screen gives the watch face excellent readability qualities. This means that even in dark environments like underwater it is excellent! The screen’s brightness can be altered and font is an easy-to-read size
  • Streamlined- The watch itself is similar to current Suunto sports watch models, and more streamlined than previous Suunto Dive Computers, with a 50mm screen size.
  • Battery- The ocean has up to to 60 hours or 25 dives on a single charge. Its daily usage using Heart Rate, Activity tracking, Sleep monitoring and Notifications can run to 26 days with a recharge. When using the GNSS tracking on Outdoor activities, it runs at least 50 hours.
  • Ease-of-use – The ocean has excellent readability, with a clear menu structure that is easy to navigate. The interface and actions are familiar to that of Suunto outdoor watches. No need to learn anything new when going diving! Intuitive user experience and Dive UI to give you a clear yet detailed overview without unnecessary steps so you can focus on diving. Active brightness adjustments and renewed fonts and colors have been optimized for the best underwater readability, giving optimal performance in any conditions without comprising battery-life!

Scuba Features:

  • Audible and Vibrating Alarms- Both Audible and Vibrating alarm options for Scuba Diving. Modes options are adjustable. The various alarms are NDL Alarm, Depth and Dive Time Alarm, Gas Alarms, Tank Pressure alarm (if paired with Suunto Tank Pod) and Ascent Speed Alarm.
  • Single Gas Mode- One active gas only, either Air or Nitrox. It can save your most used gas mix too. Decompression information always displays on the screen. Features a colour-coded ascent rate, and ability to switch windows with additional data like Temperature, Tank Pressure, Time, Gas Consumption, Gas time. MOD (Maximum Operating Depth) and Compass. It also has additional info on the outside arch. Using the latest Buhlmann Algorithm too!
  • Multi Gas Mode- Multiple enabled Gas mixes (up to 5 mixes). The Ocean has stepped decompression info and Continuous profile. Time to surface is always shown on the outside ring Arch, and ceiling value is shown in switch-field at bottom. The Gas switch if better gas available is prompted. There is also no lock out if the ceiling is broken.
  • Free-Dive mode – Simple and clear dive view with auto recognition when diving. This mode has ascent and descent speed and dive alarms. Surface view includes surface time, timer, you can navigate to dive spots, and even count laps.

Sport Watch Features-

For most of us, biggest part of the sport activities consist of going for a run in a park or heading to gym. However, every now and then you might go for a multiday hike, ski touring adventure or cycling for the weekend. All of this – and so much more – is possible with the Suunto Ocean. The ocean supports various outdoor and indoor sports and comes with more than 95 default sport modes for everything from football to yoga and paragliding to mountaineering. To start with, the Suunto Ocean Dive Computer Sport Watch has all basics of a premium sports watch.

  • On-wrist heart rate
  • Compatible with heart rate belt (works for underwater heart rate tracking even during dive)
  • Location tracking leaning to all 5 satellite systems> best possible “GPS”/GNSS system
  • Barometer for accurate altitude reading.

Some examples of Sports Modes:

Remember there is at least 95 options of sport modes!

  • Running with Running power, Strava segments, Pace & Power Zones, Foot-pod or Treadmill compatible, Running pacer tools.
  • Cycling showing Speed, altitude, lap data, Strava segments, power sensor compatible, FTP tests, Automatic sprints and Loop tracking for cyclocross.
  • Outdoor Adventures uses the Best ”GPS”, Barometer, Outdoor offline maps, Sport modes that are associated like mountaineering, ski touring.
  • Swimming includes Swim timer, speed & distance, Automatic intervals, Swim efficiency with swolf. Pace clock, Direct path for open-water.
Introducing Suunto Ocean - A Dive Computer and sports watch in one.

The Suunto App

The Suunto App is usefull and intuitive. You can sync dives across, log your dives, change your displayed faces, and do minor computer software updates through the app. Not sure how to do updates? Check our blog post out here. It details the new features, and how to update.

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