Oceanic Instructors Scuba Package


The Oceanic Instructors Scuba Package is our top instructors choice! Plus – you have the option to upgrade or add to your package!

BONUS: Double Dive to South Solitary Island if you purchase this package from us! Contact us for more information.


Hera or Excursion size
Delta 5 EDX
Upgrade to ZEO FDXi?
Additional $279
Alpha 8 Octopus
Oceanpro SPG
Add Suunto D5 Dive Computer?
Add Air Pressure Transmitter?


The Oceanic Instructors Scuba Package has all of the goodies you need to set up your kit. Plus – the option to upgrade or add to your package!

This package includes the Oceanic Hera or Excursion BCD, The Oceanic Delta 5 EDX regulator, Oceanpro OP20 Octopus, and Oceanpro SPG.


Upgrade your regs to the ZEO package – the FDXi first stage and ZEO second stage, for amazing breathing – all of our divemasters make this choice!

Add on a dive computer! With option to add the VEO 4.0, GEO Air and Transmitter, or Atmos Mission computer.

Product Info

BCD Options

The Oceanic Hera BCD comfortably fit females. The Hera has adjustments to make the fit your own, features the oceanic QLR integrated Weight System, and Oceanic’s Adjustable Positioning System (A.P.S.) track. The aircell shape allows freedom of movement, good in water positioning, with excellent lift capacity. Read more about the Hera here!


The Oceanic Excursion BCD is tough, comfortable and stable – excellent for recreation and technical diving. The front of the BCD has nothing but contoured harness straps and a couple of integrated weight pockets. It features QLR integrated weight pockets, and generous zippered utility pockets. Allows you freedom of movement and security. This BCD is unisex. Read more about it here.

Regulator Options
Delta 5 EDX

The Delta 5 comes with patented Dynamic Adjustment Technology, dive/pre-dive controls, and an orthodontic mouthpiece for your comfort while diving. It has an all metal pneumatic valve, and a heat exchanger on the hose connection to the second stage. This paired with the eDX first stage which is environmentally sealed makes for excellent cold water performance. The eDX comes with 4 low-pressure and 2 high-pressure ports. Read more about the Delta 5 here!

Upgrade option for $249 – ZEO FDXi

The ZEO regulator is pneumatically balanced and has excellent breathing performance. It has a chrome-plated marine brass metal valve, enhancing breathing and improving cold water performance. This also helps recirculate moisture from exhalation to prevent dry mouth. It features a breathing adjustment, an orthodontic mouthpiece and in-line hose swivel, and inhalation effort control. The FDXi first stage is environmentally sealed with an in-line design. Plus, it’s efficient and light. Read more about this marvel of engineering precision here!

Alpha 8 Octopus Regulator

The Alpha 8 Octopus is dependable and economical, top-performing octopus in its class. Excellent for recreational divers looking for professional performance at a reasonable price. It’s compact and extremely tough. Plus, it’s easy to service, and inexpensive to maintain. Read more here!

Oceanpro SPG Complete

The Slimline OceanPro SPG is designed to used as a gauge in support of a wrist mounted computer. It’s small size means it’s not too big, and wont get in your way. It’s easy to read, easy to use, and suitable for recreational to technical divers. Read more here!

Computer add-on options
Geo 4.0

The Oceanic Geo 4.0 Dive Computer is an easy-to-use, everyday wear dive computer. It can be adjusted from recreational to technical diving, and is stylish and sporty. It’s capable of demanding dives with Dual Algorithm™ to adjust from recreational to technical diving. Features Bluetooth technology connects any mobile device to the free DiverLog+ App, so you can track, manage, and share all your dive data on the go pre and post-dive. It is among the clearest wrist units on the market, boasting a display with larger, crisper digits. Read more here!

Veo 4.0 Navcon

The Veo 4.0 is sleek, slim, and packed with features. It has Bluetooth technology, and connects any mobile device to the free DiverLog+ App, so you can track, manage and share all your dive data on the go pre- and post-dive. Features Oceanic’s patented Dual Algorithm™ with 4 operating modes, larger digit size, and a 20% slimmer profile so you’re comfortable while exploring the underwater world. Added to the Navcon console, you get a pressure gauge and sidescan compass too. Read more here!

Want to try before you buy?

We run demo models of the Excursion and Hera BCD, and the Delta 5 reg setup and VEO reg setup. For those who are interested in this package, and who come diving with us – try before you buy!

Proudly family owned, Mike and Deb have run Jetty Dive Centre since 1996. Our team has developed extensive knowledge in the products we stock, as we’re out diving with them! If you have any questions or would like a personal recommendation, feel free to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to help you out any way we can!

Check out our Dive Centre Youtube clip to see how good the diving is at the Solitary Islands Marine Park!

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