Apeks Flight Regulator

Apeks Flight Regulator …. Worlds Lightest Regulator

Apeks Flight, unreal lightweight and compact 1st and 2nd Stage Regulators, with high performance!

Apeks Flight Regulator Dive Test

Mike has a new Apeks Flight Regulator as his travel reg and has used it as his main regulator since returning from the Philippines trip in May 2010.
Mike comments are: “The Apeks Flight reg breathes very well for such a small bodied second stage, and as for weight and size, absolutely brilliant for travel. I have continued to use it at home, it sits well in my mouth, breathes really good and I can’t fault it”

Apeks Flight Regulator.. Suitable for Diving in Waters as Cold as 10°C

Apeks Flight Regulator has been designed primarily for the travel diver. If you plan to dive mainly in colder waters below 10°C then we would recommend the Apeks XTX range which has been specifically designed for more extreme cold water diving.

Apeks Flight Regulator comes into its own and excels as the perfect travel companion. As the lightest regulator in the world and the most compact regulator Apeks has ever made it is perfect for those exotic dive destinations. But using insulation techniques and advanced materials, Flight is also suitable for diving in waters as cold as 10°C.
The area where a normal regulator 1st stage freezes is protected and insulated which reduces the freezing effect and this helps prevent freeflows. The insulation effect is also evident in Flight’s 2nd stage

Apeks Flight Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage

The Apeks team has overcome complex engineering constraints and produced equipment that offers high performance, and yet remains uncomplicated, guaranteeing greater reliability and lower cost maintenance. The 1st stage – the powerhouse of your regulator – reduces the high pressure air stored in your cylinder to a controllable intermediate pressure of 9-10 bar. The air then flows along the medium pressure hose to the 2nd stage (demand stage).

Apeks Flight Regulator 1st stages are of pressure adjustable balanced diaphragm design and supply air at exactly the right pressure. For example, as the diver descends the demand for air increases. To maintain the supply, the intermediate pressure increases in ratio to water depth and the resulting increased pressure acting on the primary diaphragm.

Apeks Flight Bubble Diversion

The new exhaust T offers two big advantages.

Firstly it has been engineered to reduce bubble interference in the upright dive position. This has great benefits for observing marine life, for underwater photography/video and general diver comfort.
The exhaust is manufactured in melt processable rubber and as such, there are no sharp edges and it fi ts snuggly and securely to the body of the 2nd stage. Aesthetically the exhaust fits beautifully with the rest of the regulator and yet performs wonderfully well.

Secondly the exhaust T has been shaped to actually assist the smooth breathe performance. When Apeks re-designs a regulator component, every aspect is considered to offer divers the best of all options. No detail is overlooked

Apeks Integrated Venturi System (IVS)

Ambient pressure is greater than the pressure under the diaphragm, so the diaphragm is pushed down onto the lever to assist with the breathing effort. With the venturi in the minus position the air-fl ow from the 2nd stage is directed onto the diaphragm, closing the valve and preventing freeflow.
Gas flow to the diver can be directed towards the mouthpiece by indexing the venturi lever towards the plus (+) position. This allows the diver an assisted breathe resulting in a more comfortable dive with less breathing effort. Apeks IVS can therefore be used as a pre dive switch.
With the lever set in the minus (–) position the 2nd stage will not freeflow during the entry phase or if the regulator is dropped in the water. When the diver begins to use the regulator the lever can be moved to the plus position and the 2nd stage will give increased venturi assistance

Balanced 2nd Stage

The diaphragm is drawn down as the diver inhales (see open position diagram) depressing the lever. The lever tilts and lifts the balanced valve and rubber seating off the seat (orifice) allowing air to flow through the valve mechanism to the diver’s mouth. When the diver exhales, the diaphragm recovers and the spring pushes the poppet valve and rubber seating back onto the seat, preventing further air flow.

Technician Adjustable 2nd Stage

The diaphragm is drawn down as the diver inhales (see open Although not diver adjustable, the Flight 2nd stage is designed to allow an Apeks Trained Technician to finely adjust the cracking resistance. This allows the 2nd stage to be set to a minimum breathing effort with a wide range of 1st stage medium pressures.

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